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About Morbinica

Founded in 2005 in Turkey, we have been manufacturing pillows, comforters, bedding sheets, towels, and many other home textile products. We are a small family-owned business and preferred to stay that way throughout the years. We believe that not outsourcing our production elsewhere what differentiate us from many other brands in the market. We own the manufacturing process for our products 100% thereby ensuring our dedication to quality, comfort, and versatility. We only use best available raw materials to ensure superior quality that our customers enjoy.

Our luxurious pillows and bedding products are sold in most exclusive furniture and bedding stores as a premium household product across Turkey. We have only recently started to sell our products internationally in United States and many countries across Europe.

We believe satisfied customers are only possible with high quality products and amazing customer support. Our dedication to customer experience and support sets us apart from our competitors. We are only a phone call or email away from you.

Out motto is that your house shapes your life and defines who you are. You deserve the best and we are here to make that possible!

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